About The Minnesota Chapter

The Minnesota Chapter was founded in 1966 by James Rorris, who is sometimes called “Mr. Divorce” by those who have practiced family law in Minnesota for many years. Because Mr. Rorris envisioned the growth of family law in modern Minnesota society, he started a Minnesota Chapter of AAML, inviting three to four Twin Cities attorneys who predominately handled family law matters to join the Chapter.

Now the Chapter has over 50 members who practice throughout Minnesota and several members who practice in adjoining states.

Our Fellows are among the leading family law attorneys in the State. Some Chapter members have been and are participants in Supreme Court task forces or committees, family court pilot projects, boards or committees governing attorneys or providers of alternative dispute resolution services, and committees making recommendations to the Minnesota Legislature.

A majority of our Fellows also frequently speak at continuing legal education seminars, write about family law for legal publications, teach at law schools, or participate in other family law or related organizations.