Annual Divorce Camp Conference Prior Topics

2019 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Money

2018 Dousing the Flame: Managing High Conflict

2017 High Stakes: A Deck Stacked with Aces

2016 Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Clients.

2015 The Gray Divorce: Unique Challenges for Parties Over Fifty

2014 Love Hurts: Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota

2013 Operating In & Out of the Courtroom: Sharpening Your Skills as a Family Law Professional

2012 Shame Blame and the New Money Game: The Transformed Practice of Law in the Changed Economy

2011 Splitting the Baby: The Psychology and Economics of Shared Parenting

2010 Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!

2009 There Ought To Be Rules, Rules, Rules

2008 Everything You Wanted to Know About ADR But Were Afraid to Ask

2007 The Game of Family Law Skills: Expert Edition

2006 The Game of Family Law Skills

2005 Walking the Tightrope

2004 Competence and Conscience in Family Law

2003 Transforming Family Law

2002 Effective Advocacy – Getting There From Here

2001 Managing the Chaos of Divorce: One More Option

2000 Developing a New Model for Handling Children’s Issue In Family Law

1999 ATM: About the Money

1998 Children in Conflict

1997 Funding the Bifurcated Family

1996 Removal – The Ties That Bind

1995 UntitledFocused on financial topics

1994 UntitledCovered various topics